Glug Midland Masters #2 – Thursday 20th November 2014

by Vicky Hargreaves


We are really excited to see Glug back in Digbeth this Thursday. Having had such a great experience at the last event in August, we can’t wait to see what talent is on show.
The August show was organised by Inkygoodness and Created in Birmingham, we were presented with 6 inspiring talks from Independent Retailers to Illustrators, Creative Directors, Graphic Designers and Studio Owners a pop up arts market, live art and a BBQ. This all took place with the perfect backdrop for the evening; the beautiful Fazeley Studios with its stunning architecture and charming decor.
The evening started with an hour perusing the arts stalls and sipping the wonderfully free drink you are greeted with on arrival.

Each of the speakers had their anecdotes on how they got to where they are now, what they have learned along the way and what advice they could offer the audience as something to take home. One or two digressed into what seemed to be a critique of their work which vastly exceeded the 10 minute slot they were allocated, but when you give a creative a microphone and a room full of people who are willing to listen what can you expect?

One that really stood out for us was Alex Fowkes. He focused on the importance of the creative process and how this can often be devalued by the people who haven’t witnessed it.
Through videos he had created of himself partaking in the creative process, he demonstrated that even the smallest, simplest aspect of a design or project can take time, trials and lots of errors before you get to the desired result. Working in an agency this is struck a chord with me. We often strive for this ideal to get it right first time. What we are forgetting when we say these words, is that we are denying an integral part of the creative process; to allow the time for creative exploration where mistakes may lead to fantastic ideas.

Click the below link to see a time lapse of the Alex’s Sony Music timeline mural, celebrating 125 years of musical history covering 150 square meters of wall space in Sony’s Derry Street Offices.

Click here to link to Alex’s Sony Music timeline mural

(photos from the Inkygoodness website)